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How do I become more confident?

“You can’t think your way to good action, you have to act your way to good thinking.”


Often people can get caught in the trap of: ‘I need more confidence, and only then will I be able to do what I want to do’. Whereas it works the other way around.


You get confidence by .


Confidence comes from building up a sense of security within. Meeting oneself. Going inwards. Welcoming the neglected parts (the shadow) and feeling the feelings that come with this.


So, therefore, the growth of confidence


Over time one will grow more self-assured. They know who they are, and they carry less shame. This means there is less at stake as they go about their business in the world. They are no longer walking on a thin line trying to stay upright as they relate to other people, risking some very uncomfortable feelings. They know who they are more clearly, and what their values are, and this allows them to have firmer boundaries between who they are and who other people are.


‘This is my opinion. That is yours.’


‘You are you. I am me.’

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