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As a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator, Will raises awareness about masculinity, men's mental health, and empathy in schools/universities across the UK.


He conducts workshops for staff and parents, providing tools to navigate critical issues like online misogyny and the influence of controversial figures such as Andrew Tate.


Will's personal journey from the Manosphere to healing is highlighted in an upcoming Sky 1 documentary on Andrew Tate and detailed in his forthcoming book, 'Beyond the Manosphere: Why I Took the Redpill and How I Broke Free'.

Will's talks are deeply rooted in his own experiences with addiction and suicidal thoughts as a teenager, making him a compassionate and relatable speaker. He understands the challenges young boys face and offers a unique perspective that resonates with audiences, significantly impacting those navigating similar struggles.

Please contact for speaking engagements, or workshops, or to learn more about how Will can bring valuable insights to your event.

Holly Lodge High School

"On behalf of Holly Lodge High School, I want to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional talk and workshop you delivered today. Your insights and expertise left a lasting impact on both our students and staff. 


The positive energy generated by your presentation was palpable, and I wanted to let you know how much our students enjoyed and appreciated the experience. Your ability to connect with them on a meaningful level was truly admirable, the buzz created in the sixth form area was great!"

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