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Men's Programme

30 Day Intensive

What is it?

A more intensive way of working with a therapist.

You will have a daily phone call.

You will have a weekly session.


30 days of self-reflection.
You will answer a question
a day.


30 days of abstaining.
You will abstain from the 'non negotiable' behaviours.


[You will receive The Men's Programme Workbook]



"My anxiety and depression were taking over and I couldn’t see a way out. This programme helped me to find a way out and gave me the tools to start rebuilding my life the way I wanted by addressing issues, relationships, boundaries and clear choices that I couldn’t previously see." 
Men's Programme Graduate,
Jordan R

What will we explore?

What it means to be a man
Your childhood
Relationships [with family, work, lovers, social, yourself]

Coping strategies
Career & Hobbies
Negative thought patterns

Programme Fee





Pre-programme Support

[x1 Session]

Programme Support

[x16 15 minute calls]

[x4 sessions]

Post-programme Support

[x4 25 minute calls]

[x2 sessions]


Please note: 

If you cannot afford the above but feel called to

complete the programme please get in touch.

[payment plan option available]


Book A Free Call

I offer a free 15 minute discover call to see if we'd be a good fit.

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