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For Boys & Men

How is this different from counselling?

Mentoring has a more personal feel to it.
It often appeals to peo
ple who find the idea of therapy

'too formal'. 


I work online and also offer parental support*. This includes any phone calls, parent sessions or resourcing that ​can help.

* Will also specialises in supporting parents regarding 'online radicalisation' amongst boys.
[For more details please contact Will].



"Will worked directly with our son... to enhance his academic progress and interaction with his peers and teacher. As a result of Will's efforts our sons school experience was fundamentally changed to one that was positive for his learning, peer relations and overall school experience. Overall we found Will's well thought out approach, patience and determination to make a difference has helped our son and set him up for a better life at school."


Parents of 8 year old boy


I start with rapport building. 
What are your interests?

We establish your goals.
What do you need support with?

Model healthy behaviour. 
Show don't tell: boundaries, vulnerability and taking responsibility for actions.

I meet you where you're at.
I'm not a teacher. I'm not a parent.



Per Mentoring Session


Additional Fees Apply

With Parent Support


Please note:


Parent support is optional and includes any additional phone calls, sessions, resourcing and support you may need. Please contact Will for details.


Book A Free Call

I offer a free 15 minute discover call to see if we'd be a good fit.

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